Si Fu Stefan

I began the study of traditional Kung Fu in 1994 with a focus on our external styles, Chang Quan & Hong Quan.

Two years later I started training the internal styles and learning the Purple Cloud Qi Gong system. Further on in my training I was captured by the beautiful art of Tai Ji Quan.

I started teaching the external styles in 1996 and finally in 2002 I was afforded the dream of running my own school in Fourways. During my years of training in this Martial Arts system I have been the student, teacher, competitor, judge, spectator, friend, family and all the time, more than ever it seems, still the student. I have gained so many important experiences and memories over the years of running my school and teaching has formed an important link to learning martial arts, without it my training and understanding would be incomplete.

My experience of Martial Arts has changed my life, not just in terms of Kung Fu, but my whole outlook on life and how I approach each new day. I will always seek to pass on my Martial Arts to others; for the treasure we have must be experienced by others to ensure its longevity long after our time has passed.