When asked the question, “Why do you do martial arts?” I always answer with the following: “Martial arts is not something you do, it’s something you are.” When I first started martial arts I was horribly overweight, unfit and out of control emotionally. Kung fu has (since that first fateful lesson) permeated every single aspect of my life. The knowledge I attained through this system of kung fu was not just martial application, but self knowledge. That is why I keep returning for more. Every training session I learn more about myself, my potential, my spirit and breaking the supposed limitations that I have put upon myself. Once you realize that your potential is limitless if you have a warrior’s intent your life opens up to a range of opportunities for growth you would never have deemed possible. One learns the fine art of self control for without control we are barks lost upon the ocean of life. Kung fu teaches us self control and respect (In Chinese martial philosophy this is referred to as “Wude”) for without these we are no better than animals. Thus, as a martial artist, one strives to always embody these values because without these you are a fighter not a martial artist. So why kung fu? Because everything is kung fu!

Deon de lange

Six years ago, I walked into Chinese Martial Arts Arts and Health Centre Durban.

I had practiced another martial arts style for a few years before, and I had visited a few other local kung fu schools.

My wife reminds me to this day that I have her to thank for not signing up at another school without looking around first.

I am glad I listened to her, as nothing compared to the level of professionalism and expertise that I found at CMAHC.

What struck me immediately about the head of the school, Si Fu Ian was what a humble person he is, generous with his time, giving me and every student individual attention. Si fu Ian is probably the best teacher I have ever had in any field. He is always available and approachable, ready to answer any questions, no matter how silly, from the beginner or the advanced student.

At CMAHC, I learn something new every day. It is not a place of hiding behind mysterious secrets, but a place of openness, genuine knowledge and learning. There is a purpose and a reason to everything that is taught. And that is something that was immediately obvious to me when I started training. At every step of my kung fu journey, right from the beginning, techniques taught, have been accompanied by practical application, so that I was never in the dark about what I was doing.

I soon realised that this school has a rich martial arts heritage and tradition to share and the fact that the school is part of a large national and international network of schools, has personally exposed me to high level martial arts masters who love to share their art with those who are willing to learn. It is the kind personality and spirit of these people, from master Chen in Taiwan through Si Gung Marco in Cape Town to Si Fu Ian in Durban that has fostered a rare environment where ego and arrogance is out of place, and martial arts, martial virtue and the quest to better my art has become a life style for me.

A few years ago my wife and I started Tai Chi classes at the centre as well, and we value these tremendously as an activity and art that we can share for the rest of our years. Since I started doing Qi Gung, I have stopped sleeping my weekends away because I just have so much energy to to whatever I want. It’s a great way to start the weekend, and the techniques have helped me deal with several stress and health issues directly.

The kung fu training is hard, but it has made me realise that I can do more with my life. I was never an out-doors or active person in my youth, but now I like to be outside training all weekend. I have learnt a lot about myself and it’s made me a stronger, more confident person, feeling able to cope with any obstacle in my way.

I think, to me, in a modern life where few things seem important or of real value, this ancient art, gives balance, meaning and a sense of continuity to my life.

Si Fu Ian’s talent and dedication to the art remains an inspiration to me.

CMAHC Durban is like a second home to me. It has become a very special place to me, a place of learning, friendship and family.

And its a place where I get to play with swords…which, of course…is the best part!


Yemi Ajayi.

Cmahc has done wonders in my life,it has helped me become more patient,helped to reduce stress,made me more focused.The training and discipline is very applicable in your work,relationships,etc.
Besides the physical fitness benefits it has also made me mentally stronger.Not to mention our instructors are world class and pay attention to every detail.


Here goes:  “As a 42 year-old father of three with a stressful job, I find that Kung Fu brings a balance to my life that is sorely needed. The physical and mental aspects help me to keep my body and mind fit and healthy and is a very welcome distraction from daily life. The school is very well run and managed, with a long history of martial arts training and its close ties to the master in Taiwan add a realism to the training that not many other schools have. Shi Xiong Stef has trained me for nearly 9 years now and is still as enthusiastic and eager to teach his students as he was when I first met him – his knowledge of and ability in Kung Fu is inspiring.”Cheers

Gary Irwin

“If someone were to ask me how to describe the Chinese Martial Arts and health Centre in one word, I would have to say “FAMILY”. The respect that they give and receive is amazing.

Over the course of many years of training at the Chinese Martial Arts and health Centre, I am still learning and understanding the art of Kung Fu. Being part of this school has helped me improve as a person and conquer any mental or physical limitations I imagined I had. The Chinese Martial Arts and health Centre has become a second home to me, and I am inspired by the people, the commitment, and the willingness to help each other in class.”